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What is the role of PCBA splitter and three major design requirements?


The PCB board machine is a kind of sub-board equipment which is divided into PCB boards. It is an electronic equipment necessary for electronic manufacturers. Because the PCB board machine cuts the PCB board by the movement of the blade, it can be more effective. The stress generated when controlling the sub-board can prevent damage and displacement of components, and it can have greater quality assurance than the sub-board of manual and cutting pliers. If you want to buy a sub-board, you can go to Dongguan Changan Chuangwei. Looking at the board machine, more than ten years of experience in the development and production of the board machine.

The PCBA splitter is a must-have device for PCBA processing in the PCBA board.

What is the PCBA splitter? The role of the PCBA splitter and the three major design requirements

First, the characteristics of PCBA sub-board machine

1. Stabilize the operating mechanism to prevent improper electrical force from causing damage to the PCB tint surface, solder joints of electronic parts, and other electrical circuits due to the folding process.

2, special round knife material design to ensure the smoothness of the PCB split surface.

3, cutting stroke distance adopts touch-type five-stage adjustment, which can quickly switch different PCBs

4. Install high-frequency eye protection lighting device to improve the operation quality of operators.

5. Strengthen safety devices to avoid human damage.

6. Simple cutting distance adjustment: It is easy to operate and adjust the contact size of the contact button.

7. Cutter wheel pressure adjustment: Use eccentric cam 0-2mm upper and lower cutter wheel clearance adjustment.

8, double-panel support design, so that the double-panel can be cut more firmly.

9. The design of the back panel of the PC board and the upper and lower knives is vertical, effectively increasing

A. Stability during cutting B. PCB edge flatness C. Cutter wheel life.

10, upper and lower guard plate, machine safety light eye and emergency stop switch safety mechanism design,

Second, the use of PCBA splitter

The PCBA board machine is mainly used to separate the PCBA boards that will be put together in the PCBA factory. After the PCBA welding is completed, the boards are divided and then tested. Generally, in the SMT patch processing plant, the board will not be separated, but the board will be shipped directly to the customer.
In some small and medium-sized PCBA processing plants, manual splitting is adopted, but it is easy to damage the PCBA board, and it is safer to use the machine for boarding.

Third, the three major requirements for the design of PCBA sub-board machine

(1) Single-sided mixing, that is, placing the chip component or the interposing component on one side of the PCBA.

(2) Two-sided mounting, PCBA is placed on one side or both sides.

(3) Double-sided mixing, PCBA surface placement of mounting components and interposing components, and B-side placement of patch components suitable for wave soldering.

For the selection principle of the standard PCBA board machine substrate:

Appearance requirements: The appearance of the substrate should be smooth and flat, and there should be no warping or unevenness. No cracks, scratches or rust spots on the surface of the substrate.