How to prove ENEPIG is used in your PCB?

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ENEPIG-Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold is a surface finish for Printed Circuit Boards.ENEPIG works well with lead free and conventional eutectic solder alloys.This is the best way for gold wire bonding. Advantages for ENEPIG:

1“Black Nickel” free – no possibility of grain boundary corrosion of nickel surface by immersion gold

2  Palladium acts as an additional barrier layer to further reduce copper diffusion to surface, thus ensuring good solderability

3 Palladium completely dissolves into solder, without leaving an excessively high P% rich interface, exposing an oxide-free nickel  surface allowing reliable formation of Ni/Sn intermetallic

4 Withstands multiple lead-free reflow soldering cycles

5 Demonstrates excellent gold wire bondability

  • 6 Process costs substantially lower than electrolytic nickel gold or electroless nickel electroless gold.
  • Many customers want to do ENEPIG,but they are not sure if the boards were used with ENEPIG? So,how to prove the PCB used ENEPIG? 

    One of our American college clients provided us what they saw in the PCB pads with a spectrometer.We made a lot of ENEPIG (​Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold) circuit boards for all of our customers in the world.You may would like to know more about ENEPIG,please click here

    Spectrum confirms the presence of Nickel (Ni), Gold (Au), and Palladium (Pd)​.

    ENEPIG is capable of meeting more stringent requirements of multiple types of packages including THT (through-hole technology), SMT, BGA, wire bonding, press fit etc. What's better, ENEPIG is also suitable for PCBs with different packaging technologies. As a result, application fields ENEPIG can serve include aerospace, military ,Telecommunication equipments and high performance devices and medical industries with higher requirement of density and reliability. 

Here is the PDF to prove ENEPIG was used in PCB,tested under Spectrum detector。



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